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Proteose Peptone CM

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Raw material source

Bovine, Pork, Casein


Suggested Use

CM series products are recommended for fermentation, diagnostic and cell culture media applications where clarity is mandatory. Proteose Peptone CM can be used in producing bacterial (diphteria) toxins for vaccines.

Typical Analysis

Total Nitrogen 11 - 13 %

Amino Nitrogen 3 - 4,5 %

ph 6,5 - 7,5

Available on Request

Standard Plate Count (Cfu/g)
Yeasts and Moudls
S.aureus Coliform


Molecular Weights distribution
Degree of hydrolysis
Average MW

Salts and Ashes
Heavy Metals


Product Description

Proteose Peptone CM is part of the Costantino animal base extract portfolio. Animal based products have been developed by Costantino along the years to deliver the perfect amino acid profile for all applications where protein content is required to be at the highest level. Purity and clarity of the products are the result of an continuous improvement in the selection and optimization of the best supply chain and a stable and capable process.

Proteose Peptone CM is the result of the skill of Costantino in the selection of protein source in combination with an hydrolysis able to deliver the optimized technical profile. Proteose Peptone CM is then filtered and concentrated before spray drying to obtain the best clarity and purified product for these applications. Proteose Peptone CM is so particularly efficient where an high protein content is required. It has a medium level of hydrolysis to enhance molecular weight distribution. As many Costantino products customization of this product is available for eventual fine tuning of the chemical properties to fit the customers optimal needs.

Storage & Shelf Life

Hydrolysates are hygroscopic and can absorb odors. Temperatures below 30°C, relative humidity below 65%, and odor free environment are recommended.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Expiry date: 5 years from the date of manufacture in the original sealed packaging kept in a dry area, ideally between 8 and 30°C.


The standard packaging is a 25 kg cardboard box which contains the product within an inner polyethylene liner bag. No staples or metallic fasteners are used:

  • Custom packaging available
  • Delivered with Certificate of Analysis

Range of phisicals & chemical profile