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Pepsin 1:10000 NF/USP - 2000 U/g E.P.




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Suggested Use

Pepsin 1:10000 NF/USP - 2000 U/g E.P. is recommended for technical applications (i.e. in vitro cell testing, parasite detection). The product can also have additional uses in detergency, wool treatment, degumming of silk, applications in leather industry and organic synthesis, together with various technical applications.

Typical Analysis

Proteolytic Activity
1:10000 NF/USP = 2000-2200 U/g FIP

Loss on drying < 5 %

ph 3,5 - 4,5

Available on Request

Standard Plate Count (Cfu/g)
Yeasts and Moudls
S.aureus Coliform

Salts and Ashes
Heavy Metals


Product Description

Pepsin 1:10000 NF/USP - 2000 U/g E.P. belongs to the Pepsin series of Costantino industrial enzymes production. Pepsin is one of the most important protease naturally present in gastric juice; it is able to cleave peptidic bonds at different sites, depending on the nature of the protease. Pepsin, that is prepared commercially from swine gastric mucosa, is most active in acid environments between 37°C and 42°C.

Pepsin 1:10000 NF/USP - 2000 U/g E.P. is the result of the skill of Costantino in the selection and optimization of the best supply chain in combination with a stable and capable process. High quality gastric mucosa is firstly hydrolyzed to release enzymes, then filtered and concentrated without affecting enzymatic activity. The product is finally dried under vacuum and grinded to obtain the best purity and the required proteolitic activity, claimed as Pepsin 1:10000 NF/USP - 2000 U/g E.P. As many Costantino products, customization is available for eventual fine-tuning of the claimed proteolytic activity to fit the customers optimal needs.

Storage & Shelf Life

Pepsin enzymes are hygroscopic and can absorb odors. Temperatures below 8°C and odor free environment are recommended.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Expiry date: 2 years from the date of manufacture in the original sealed packaging kept in a dry area, ideally between 2 and 8°C.


The standard packaging is a 25 kg cardboard box which contains the product within an inner polyethylene liner bag. No staples or metallic fasteners are used:

  • Custom packaging available.
  • Delivered with Certificate of Analysis