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Costantino works to provide specific solutions for crop stress and nutrition. The major works are screening target proteins and their biological functions. Costantino water soluble protein hydrolysates are 100% derived from vegetable and dairy origins designed for organic agriculture and have not any chemicals, sewage sludge and GMO on its formulation. Costantino protein hydrolysates amend nutrient deficiencies, improve the fruit and vegetables quality and growth, help the plant resistance against biotic and abiotic stress. Indeed agriculture is subject to several factors that can lead to stress (extreme weather conditions, water shortages, problems caused by pests and plant disease, etc.) and this negatively affects the quantity and the quality of the crops. Our products can act as signal molecules to protect land plants against biotic and abiotic stress by acting as elicitors of defense responses or by triggering a state of so-called induced resistance.

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Agricostan D is a natural product obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of organic matrix derived from legumes.