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Company policy statement

At A. Costantino & C. S.P.A. we believe that a steady, challenging and long-lasting growth of the company in terms of turnover and technical progress is closely entwined with our clients’ full satisfaction to be ensured at any level by:

Complying with the agreement’s provisions

Conforming to current laws and regulations

Complying with appropriate hygiene and securitystandards for the production of food-grade products

Observing dictates / precepts of religious cultures for the production of technical and food-grade products

Complying with biological production standards

Meeting clients’ delivery deadlines

Developing and manufacturing new products through day-to-day interactions with clients

Assisting clients in the use of products through qualified technical support

Meeting or exceeding new stated or implied expectations of our clients through research and development activities

Improving and strengthening good relationships with suppliers

Communicating quality and food safety policies to the staff and stakeholders

The Management team of A. Costantino & C. S.P.A. is daily committed to good professional practice and quality of services provided to the client; the following measurable goals are therefore developed and monitored:

Definition, revision and monitoring of company primary processes to achieve continuous improvementin terms of efficiency and effectiveness;

Maintenance of a quality and food safety management system, certified by UNI EN ISO 9001 regulation, and implemented, when applicable, with appropriate regulations;

Staff awareness of quality and food safety principles by activating an adequate trainingplan and by granting operational autonomy;

Creation, update and control of a list of strategic suppliers to achieve high quality standards of products and services rendered to clients;

Rational employment of all technical and human resources to apply a competitive pricing policy and, in parallel, to guarantee an appropriate product quality standard.

At A. Costantino & C. S.P.A. we are engaged to direct and coordinate all company’s activities in the pursue and implementation of Quality at its highest level.

The Management team is committed to adopt an integrated risk management system, in order to guarantee that for all products the residual risk is reduced to a minimum, by preparing a risk management policy commensurate with the different hazards of the products.

A. Costantino & C. S.p.A. has determined the external and internal factors relevant for its purposes and strategic directions and which influence its ability to achieve the expected results for its Quality Management System. This assessment is present in the Management Review document and updated at least annually or when the factors analyzed are changed.

This analysis leads to the consequent assessment of risks / opportunities and the subsequent improvement plan.