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Vision & Mission
Develop and manufacture new special proteins in order to support and improve the quality of life in the global markets.

Be recognized a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing vegetal and animal hydrolyzed proteins to feed living organisms in the fields of Fermentation, Diagnostics, Animal care, Agriculture, Cosmetics, Food &Beverage. We are strongly committed to improving our know-how and by so doing, improving the quality of life of future generations.

Thanks to the experience gained through over seventy years of work, A. Constantino & C. S.p.A. is today numbered among the world's largest producers of raw materials of animal and vegetable origin or top- level pharmaceutical use. Over the years, the company's horizons have expanded beyond national frontiers, and clients today include some of the world's best-known pharmaceutical companies. This expansion has also enabled the company to broaden its range of production, today comprising the categories enzymes for pharmaceutical and industrial use, animal organ extracts for pharmaceutical use, peptones and protein hydrolysates for industrial fermentation and for microbiology. A vital factor running right through A. Costantino & C. S.p.A.'s success story has been the emphasis the company has always placed on quality products. In 1997 this policy was rewarded by Quality Certification to the ISO 9001:2008 (Certiquality) nr.1086. For A. Costantino & C. S.p.A., the search for quality does not only mean successfully meeting market demands, rather that the company is continually renewed and updated, seeking to offer clients a product of high technological standard and service in line with their highly specific needs, as well as guaranteeing constant quality.

Customized Solutions
The know-how acquired over almost 100-year history is the cornerstone of our customer-oriented solutions providing efficient options to safeguard their long-term market success. Our experts work close to customers, from the idea to the development of an innovative end-product, to provide unique and tailored solutions. We support our partners sharing our many years of experience in raw material sourcing and technological expertise in their processing as effective components in the development and production of ingredient specialties. Costantino standard products are the base of the relationship with our clients. Starting From them, product specifications are easily evolving to a unique and personalized solution. Flexible manufacturing system, strong quality control and excellent service provide our customers products nearest to their desire. Tastes, Chemical and Bacteriological properties, Molecular weights, blends, costs, protein level and protein sources are the parameters we combine with our Know-how. More than 250 product specifications are in the today portfolio, and more will come.....

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