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Special Proteins

Costantino & C. S.p.A. new website is now on line. The 93 years old Company refreshes logo and image. It is now Special Protein, with the ambition to develop and manufacture new special proteins in order to support and improve the quality of life in the global markets. In the new website the different applications of the product of the Costantino are now accessible directly with easy search engine system, with possibility of recovering data choosing the product for the different applications, made by different proteins origin or categories. Each product is then illustrated by a marketing and technical scheme downloadable from the site into your computer. Other general information are present and via tag system easy to access.Certifications, registrations and general Company profile and history give you a full picture of Costantino – Special Protein.

Visit us at www.acostantino.com and contact for any inquiry at info@acostantino.com

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Costantino worldwide presence and international relation approach is key to be considered as day to day partner in project development and market trends innovator. Our commitment is to be active where our customers are acting in each competitive scenarios. For this reasons we strongly believe the continuous information and documentation is the key essence to be an innovative product manufacturer.
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